Two Essential Email Subscriptions for the Modern Female

Lenny Letter

Lenny Letter


Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner bring you Lenny Letter. This dynamic assortment of weekly newsletters provides readers with a beautiful collection of feminist reading material, addressing culture and the arts.  For a simple email subscription, Lenny Letter offers engaging and up to date topics delivered straight to your inbox, effort-free.

Articles vary greatly, from novels you should add to your reading list, to moving articles about women’s struggle with weight in the fashion industry. The articles and interviews connect with the reader, exactly like a letter, with direct communication from source to consumer.  The project is not about money-making or selling products, there are no adverts involved. The letters are promoting, and giving voice to, positive female role models in a powerful way.   The emails offer an outlet for voices that may not been heard or vocalised, with the occasional celebrity. They are neither raising a revolution nor patronising, they’re connecting to intelligent and practical women.

Jessica Grose, is an editor for Lena Dunham. In an interview with The Evening Standard, Grose states that Lenny Letter is a revived form of email communication.  Email offers readers the chance to have a magazine experience.  Audiences are given the opportunity to read detailed articles, deciding to read something in its entirety. The internet is not only for inundation and fast paced consumption, we can also be taken to a ‘quiet place’. Similarly, Dunham has claimed Lenny to be ‘a safe space’.  In her unabashed phrasing, she has confirmed she wanted “a snark-free place for feminists to get information: on how to vote, eat, dress, fuck and live better”. The Lenny Letters definitely achieve this.

Notably, although there is a website dedicated to the articles, the newsletter emails can easily be read and don’t require a commitment to Wi-Fi or 3G.  You no longer have to remember to catch up on your favourite website, or an article, you can receive your email and absorb on your commute home.  In essence, with Lenny Letter, you’re presented with interesting topics, engaging women and the chance to read about culture, politics and the arts in-depth, without being overwhelmed.

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theSkimm is another email subscription service that allows you to become informed, with no effort involved.  Delivered to your inbox daily, you primarily receive three main news stories that ensure your ability to remain up to date with headlines.  Unlike Lenny Letter, theSkimm is purely factual but maintains the same target, delivering information in an intelligent and unpatronising way.

The company, run by Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, are two highly accomplished women, who created a daily email, ‘skimming’ the news for us. It is simple, and it is near perfection. As two NBC News Producers, Zakin and Weisberg have created an easily accessible and contemporary method of reading the news.  TheSkimm combats the hurdles of news being time-consuming and excluding the fluff: only relaying the core issues.

Primarily, theSkimm summarises US headlines, but this is not to its downfall.  Whilst  Syria remains at war, theSkimm provides the UK with a succinct insight into the United States’ impact of the crisis. This always ensures that the information we receive is completely up to date and from a socially interesting, alternate view. Currently, you can receive American reportings of the presidential candidates in more depth than we would receive in the UK.  Additionally, theSkimm guarantees news we may not hear about at all, unless we had a specific interest in it already. For example, who in the UK reads about Brazil’s oil or the Argentinian leadership?

Comparatively to Lenny Letter, theSkimm targets, but does not limit itself to, millennial females. Significantly, the language is fresh and approachable, introducing topics with quips and casual phrasing. Take, for example, an extract from theSkimm for September 13th:

Then again, that doesn’t seem to help RGIII.’

In short, theSkimm is smart enough that you know you’re reading the news, without the stuffiness that accompanies it. It’s exceptionally convenient and an excellent method of keeping up to date in the world, without the weight of it on your shoulders to do so.  Significantly, I assure you, you’ll never get stuck at a dinner party or office meeting where you have no idea what Aleppo is.

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